WCM 15397                                                                                                  1545-1546


Stubbington with the Rectory of Portsea   Account of John Carpynter and John White esquires lessees of the same from Michaelmas 37 Henry VIII to the same feast next following 38 Henry VIII


Arrears None


Lease of the manor with the Rectory And for £14 received from the lessees of the manor of Stubbington with all lands, tenements, fields, meadows, pastures and rents with all appurtenances leased to Thomas Carpenter and assigns by indenture for a term of years.  And for £4 13s. 4d. for rent of the Rectory of Portsea, Portsmouth and Portsbridge.  And for £21 13s. 4d. from John Whyte for 35 qtrs of wheat of good and pure grain 60 qtrs of barley of pure and clean grain which Thomas Carpenter and his assigns should pay for the farm of the said rectory leased to Thomas White esquire for a term of 21 years by indenture.


Note that will be charged in the next account 11s.  from the rent of 2 tenements in Portsmouth leased to Stephen Barnam by copy of the Court roll and this year they are not charged because he repaired the glass in the window of the church there and for the defect of the bill the total does not appear

                                                                                    Total of all receipts £40 6s. 8d.


Cash payment From which he accounts in cash paid to the Bursars of St Mary’s College, near Winchester by John Whyte esquire on two occasions            £21 13s. 4d.

And to the same Bursars 53s. by the said John Carpenter on the 14th October by the hands of Elizer Warham            £18 13s. 4d.[1]

                                                                        Total of all the said payment £40 6s. 8d.


                                                And equal.



m.1d  Portsea and Stubbington                            Account of the same 38 Henry VIII                                                           

[1] Sic.